New chapter: Flow elements

Flow elements (more truly it should be called “It’s alive!” though) After having re-written this chapter from scratch four times it’s finally ready to be presented. Not even in it’s final state but...

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“Brief” in solution focus

I got a mail. And then I started thinking because of this mail. And then I asked if I could publish this short mail correspondence. Got a yes, made a small editorial intervention to make the text more obvious. I hope you will...

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Update: Preparing flow

This chapter is basically about the practicalities in organising a large group event. In other words it’s about infrastructure. Next chapter coming up is about when you start using the advantages of this kind of setup in...

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From the workshop in Oxford at the 10th annual conference of SOLworld I bring you the first chapters of the book, thanks to great people pushing me (without knowing it). Have a look at SOLW2012 for downloads and The Book for the...

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Group activity: Discovering own resources

Preparation: Simply point out the 1 and 10 in the room. Instruction 1. Think of something you would like to learn/be good at in the upcoming weeks/months/year: – A skill, professional tool, a habit you would like to change...

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