Building a track of flow through the process

Let’s have a look at what happens when we let the process come alive. To illustrate that, this chapter describes a series of activities that help participants (and you):

  • Discover present resources.
  • Develop and qualify ideas that create networks.
  • Set up concrete goals.

The activities are categorised into the following headlines:

It’s all here

– Discover and make use of present resources

Behold the future

– Explore goals and wanted outcomes


– Inspire, affirm, and qualify

Next steps

– Learning and actions towards successful goals

To get an idea of what kind of activities will fit, each one is classified with one of the keywords:

< Local > – Refers to activities in a group with no more than 6 people.

< Global > – Refers to all participants of the event interacting with each other, either individually, in pairs or in groups.

With a bit of imagination, many of the activities can of course be used in other situations as well. It’s just a matter of being creative.