Learning and actions towards success

At this stage, people are ready to move from plans, reflections, valuable learning, and useful ideas out into reality. Back to busy days with heaps of tight schedules and back to long time routines.

What you want now is to thoroughly affirm, manifest and not least celebrate everything that has been created in your process.

”Next steps”

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With everything that is going on, it is not unusual that ambitions and self-confidence grow at the end of your event. That is a sign of quality in your work, so be proud of that!

What is important however is to make sure that each person knows exactly how to start when you are no longer there to facilitate. For this here is a wonderful, simple activity that can strengthen and affirm the individual.

Preparation: each person has a piece of A4 paper and a pen.

  1. Place the paper on the floor.
  2. Place your right foot halfway outside of the paper and your left foot halfway inside. (illustration in here)
  3. Draw the outline of your feet (the two halves)
  4. Now take your paper and give your outlined feet the titles:
    1. ”72 hours” (right foot)
    2. ”14 days” (left foot)
  5. Inside these feet (or around depending on the size) you write the following:
    1. Your very first step within the next 72 hours that ensures you a good, easygoing start.
    2. Your following steps within the next 14 days that will keep you moving in the right direction.
  6. Keep this piece of paper to yourself or share it with your colleagues. You decide. If there is enough time, ask people to turn to each other and share what they look forward to the most when returning to work.


”Lift off!”

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After an intense process people will be both tired and eager to get started. Of course they also have to digest all their thoughts and enriching experiences in a way that suits each individual, whether it’s bungee jump, a cold beer, screaming out loud or simply jumping up and down in excitement.

A good way to support this (and not scare or hurt anyone) is to show people out the door with a good physical activity that shares learning and is a lot of fun at the same time.

Preparation: for this activity, everybody gets one piece of coloured A4 paper. Make sure to have 5-6 different colours for the whole group, because this is a visual activity.

Round 1 – preparing
  1. Turn to the person closest to you and exchange: what has been your no. 1 biggest lesson learned at this event?
  2. Take your piece of coloured paper, and write down one insight from this event, something that you want to share with the rest of the room. Criteria are that it is something that will influence your work when you walk out the door form this event.
  3. Write you initials, email, and name (what is appropriate) underneath your insight.
Round 2 – get ready to fly
  1. Make a paper airplane out of your paper and be ready for the next instruction. Don’t take off before signal is given!
  2. Now your goal is – on my signal – to keep all these paper airplanes up in the air for the next 120 seconds!
  3. (Give signal and let them fly. After 2 minutes, you give signal again to stop)
  4. Pick one each and pass on the rest. Help those who don’t have one. With this, you finish off your day.

Don’t waste the participants’ time, but let them leave the room energised and with a good, fun and valuable present in their hand.

Variation: this can also be used in the beginning of the event, where people write their best hopes for the outcome of the event. If it’s wintertime, ask people to curl up the paper as if it were snowballs. Just make sure they don’t start throwing at each other.