“Integrity” – an exercise

On a SF mailing list we follow, from our community SOLworld, there recently was a request for an exercise in a 60 min. workshop to illustrate “integrity”. A lot of good input came from people and what triggered my mind (and what I ended up contributing) was this “homebrewed” exercise. It has bit’s and pieces from other exercises. 60 min isn’t much, integrity is a big word but it has (preferably) to be fun. I like that. What wasn’t mentioned though is how many participants there will be and and if it’s a one time workshop or a part...

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Lately I have used thumb-wrestling a lot where I facilitate. It’s simple and fun and a really good metaphor for how we have to be flexible, multitasking and focused on several things at the same time. I learned this from watching this TEDtalk by Jane McGonigal....

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Fejle? Gu’ ska’ du ej fejle

And now to something in danish: Jeg læser i øjeblikket med stor begejstring min kollega Paul Z Jackson’s seneste bog – “Easy – Your Lifepass To Creativity and Confidence“. Det er en praktisk bog om improvisation og hvordan evnen til at improvisere kan komme dig til gavn i dit arbejde og dit liv. Den handler om at være kreativ og forblive fleksibel indenfor givne (og til tider meget stramme) rammer. Denne artikel har fokus på improvisation og små virksomheder og selvstændige men improvisation er i høj grad også noget som er nødvendigt i arbejde med store grupper. Derfor har jeg også planlagt et interview med Paul om det at bruge improvisation i processer med grupper.   Læs artiklen på Linkedin. Læs artiklen på min egen...

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Resistance! Resistance?

I’ve written an article about the idea of resistance based on an older article by Steve de Shazer from 1989. What is it really and how do we deal with it? I pretty much agree to what de Shazer ment it is and I have a suggestion or at least something you can try out in your own work with groups.   Curious? Read it here: On Linkedin. On my own blog...

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n-la Konferenz, Schweiz

”Spielen ist eine gute Erfahrung machen und sie wiederholen wollen.” – Hans Fluri I’ve just done a german speaking workshop in Weggis, Switzerland and here I have made a description of the various solution-focused games and exercises I introduced. See the Keynote here....

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Large group impact – a 2 day training

If you are near Heverlee in Belgium or in Belgium or near Belgium in Europe or… –  I hereby invite you to my two day training 6th-7th of November at Ilfaro in Heverlee. Not only is it a gorgeous venue but this is also the first time where I will present a full “walk-through” of solution-focused large group settings. Yes it will be on a practical level where you get a lot of tools and inspiration for planning your own events.          ...

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Inspiring blog: who’s story is it, anyway?

“As a participant, you take your turns or make your contribution, as do the others, so that you are co-creating emergently, bit by bit; you can’t know what all the components are going to be – or exactly how everything will be positioned until it happens.” The same goes for a large group intervention. You might have a structure and a plan for the process but to create a real engagement amongst the participants you have to let go and let people co-create. Look at the overall picture and the direction you (the organisation) are heading and let those who are involved take care off the exact details. Read the...

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Resource gossip

‘Resource gossip’ or ‘positive gossip’ is a very useful SF tool when it comes to create lightness, awareness of observed competences and skills. And at the same time it trains participants in focussing on the potential of a person or groups of people. First time I met it was in my Solutionsurfers Brief-Coach training and since then I’ve been using it as much as I can when working with large groups as well. I just came across an article from Coert Visser where he describes the benefits of positive gossip. What surprised me is that not only the person who is “gossiped” about benefits from it but also people who do the gossip feel better about them selves. It feels good to do...

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A model

The basic principles of Solution-Focus in large groups Yes that’s right. I have made the first outline of a model to illustrate how the solution focused approach to a large group event looks like. And don’t worry. It’s going to be briefer (I do hope) but right now this is a very good start if I may say so. You are welcome to let me know what you think about...

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